About Us

Our passion for shakes started right at home in our family kitchen. We thought it would be great to make some Farley's Rusk, and fruit shakes for our children, which they ended up loving. We then got more adventurous and began concocting all sorts of crazy shake combinations for not just our children, but for all of our friends and family! Needless to say, our shakes became a huge hit with everyone we knew, so we decided to take our new found hobby a step further by opening an outlet selling over 150 different flavours of milkshakes.

We pride ourselves in making sure that each of our milkshakes is perfect for each individual customer, and that is why we offer a wide range of customisation options with our milkshakes. We have various choices of toppings and sauces, we can combine whatever flavours together that you'd like, and we even offer dairy free alternatives for those of our customers who'd like to avoid dairy!